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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is amazing that the use of the right eyeshadow color can make your eyes POP! And with that been said...let's go back to kindergarden basics, and by simply using Basic Color Theory you can be the center of attraction! With the large amount of colors to choose from it can be a little confusing, so I'm going to illustrate it in a simple way to help you choose the right colors for you.
Below I have a Color Wheel which helps me a lot when it comes to choosing the right colors when I do makeup on my clients. Like we all know we have 3 primary colors Red, Yellow and Blue and by mixing them we get 3 secondary colors Orange, Green and Violet. Having our 3 Primary and our 3 Secondary colors now is easier to choose the right eyeshadow color that makes our eye color Pop!
Looking at the color wheel we will choose the color that will compliment your eye color. The complimentary color are the ones that are on the opposite side of a color. Starting with Red compliment Green, Orange compliment Blue, Violet compliment Yellow and vice-versa.

Green Eyes!!
The best eyeshadow for green eyes are red or red shades and tones, like cranberry's, Burgundy's, red orange or red violets. Any eyeshadow with this red tones will make green eyes pop, going the same way with clothes, you can also imagine Christmas and why everything is red and green!!! it make this Holiday POP!!!
Blue Eyes!!
The best eyeshadow for blue eyes are Orange and orange tones, like coppers, even red orange and yellow orange, also browns with orange tones it will make them POP! With clothes try using accessories or pieces orange and your eyes show off!!! Think of it like Halloween how almost everything in this holiday is blue and orange, very interesting.

Hazel Eyes!!
Hazels can have a hint of yellow, grey, and brown usually with gold tones. the best eyeshadow for hazel eyes are Violets, pinks, blue violets or red violets will make your eyes POP!!. Think of it like the LA Lakers and their game clothes look so awesome!!! Yellow and Violet compliment really good!!!
Brown Eyes!!
This eye color have the most options, here the skin tone will come to play and a very important consideration when choosing color. You can made brown eyes appear lighter by using hints of gold and bronze eyeshadow. Blue, green and orange eyeshadow also make them POP! Great variety.

Understanding your skin tone take a very important part on how to choose the right colors for you specially when is time to buy your foundation. The color chart below will demonstrate the Cool colors VS the Warm colors. Cool colors think of them like water and the colors surrounding water, Warm colors think of them like Fire and the gamma of colors in fire.

You will find that if you look good in Silver accessories you are to be cool tone, and if you look good in gold accessories you are a warm tone. Also a great way to find out is looking at your veins inside your wrist, if your veins are green... you are a warm tone and if your veins are blue then you are a cool tone.

I hope I helped you good and simple enough for you to get and choose the right colors that compliment your eyes and your skin.

Like always Be Fierce, Be Funky, Be Glamorous but Be YOU!!!!!

Coloring you Beautifully Laury!!!!!!!

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