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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learn Easy Steps for Highlighting and Contouring!!!

An Amazing Picture of The Art of Highlighting and Contouring!!!
It is so incredible of the tricks you can do all by yourself using Makeup...
Below I will describe in detail the steps and show you a picture demonstrating where your Makeup is placed to achieve the look you desire.

Make areas come forward
-the brow bone,-center of the eyelid,-inner eye by tear duck,-center of the forehead and down through the bridge of the nose,-the cheekbone plane and under the eye ,-around the corners of the mouth,-the collarbone,-center of chin...
(see illustration if you don't understand)

Make areas recede
-the hollows of the cheek,-under the chin and down the neck,-sides and under the tip of the nose,-into the crease of the eye,-the temples,-the center of your,
-cleavage,-the hollows above and below your collarbone,-around the hairline
(see illustration if you don't understand)

PS: *For shading into your cheekbones, it's best to used an angled contour brush.

In this picture Jennifer Lopez is the best to describe and show you Contouring!!!
Isn't she Beautiful!!!!

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