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An On-site trained and Certified MUA ready to impress you and be an asset to any production or event. Experienced in most areas of makeup. My passion for beauty started at my very early teen years. My eye for detail and the ability to transform subjects into stunning,sensual works of art, makes me remain in to a class of my own. I have my way of making everyday women feel like they are supposed to be in a cover of a magazine. My brides feel confident about their beauty been capture in images that will last a lifetime. I offer a great variety of services to meet all of my client needs; from dramatic, to just enhancing your natural beauty. I will help you get a customized one of a kind look specially just for you.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fierce Innovation by Laury Face Painting!

Water Princess!
I had so much fun doing Face painting! The tiger!!! this was the father of Vicmelli !for her Birthday Party!

Kitty Cat!

The eyes on top of the Eyes!

The carnival mask inspired by Miss Chivious!

Little Spider Man!

The Dalmatian!

Smurf Ice Cream, waffle cone and sprinkles!

Strawberry cup cake!

Pink Princess!

Vicmellie Birthday Party! as Tinkerbell!

Vicmelli as Tinkerbell!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun 80's look for Halloween!!

I had so much fun with this character, some people get a Tropical feel to it due to the color combination and my big red Afro jajaja!!! like my best friend Iza said "me huele a Habana, PiƱa Colada mmmm"" LOL!!
Really easy to create, I used my favorite 180 Manly palette. Colors are black, red, orange and yellow!!!
Had so much FUN!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My fantasy Makeup!!

The Beautiful Girls modeling their makeup's and posing with me!!
Glorimary that did an awsome job as one of my models, showing her Fall Makeup colors By FIBL (Fierce Innovation By Laury) ;-)

Lorelis and Elsie showing off their Fantasy Makeup to all the Ladies at Yammi Nails Seminar.

Lorelis demostrating her Karnival makeup inspired by one of my favorite and Talented Miss Chievous.

Elsie demostrating her half Zebra and half 3D Flower with Rihnstones Makeup!!!
Thank you so much girls for a wonderful job as models!!

New Hair, New Nail Style with Silver, Dark Blue Smokey Eyes!

My new short Hair Style!!
New Nail Boricua Style (encapsulados) by Yammi Nails

Love my Hair Style, shorter than what I usually go but lov it. Silver Shimmer and Dark Blue Smokey all by Micabella pigments!

Neitiry or Avatar

Had a blast re-creating Neitiry, ispired by One of my favorites Guru's Kandee Johnson!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fresh and Flawless Makeup in 5 Steps!!!

Great looking makeup is really not hard and just takes a few simple steps to achieve a natural but beautiful look.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to achieve that classy natural look with makeup? Giving your skin a fresh and flawless look is not really as difficult as it seems; the key to achieving it is to master the basics. Once you have your essential tools, i.e. a foundation specific to your skin tone, eye shadows of natural hues and a blush, it's time to get going with some simple tips to let your natural radiance shine through.

1-The first and most important step is starting clean. This means that before you begin makeup application for any event; be it for a causal day at work or a night out with friends make sure you have washed your face and exfoliated it properly if needed.
2-Once you have washed your face and cleaned it you might be wondering what do I start off with? Use a good moiturizer. It is a common misconception that you should begin makeup application with foundation. In fact, you should start with your eyes. For example you are using a glittery eye shadow, the specks of glitter are sure to fall on your cheeks and if these left unattended to do not give your skin a flawless look. However, if you began with your eyes and then applied the foundation, the glittery specks would be hidden under the foundation, giving you that fresh and perfect look you desire.
3-The use of foundation and other make up products is important but it is even more important that you keep the use to a minimum. You do not want to apply too much makeup and leave your face with a cakey look rather than a fresh and natural one. Makeup was made with the purpose of enhancing a woman's natural beauty rather than transforming it completely. Small amounts of make up work if applied correctly well to enhance your best features.
4-Taking care of the two tone. While applying foundation or base makeup, make sure you apply to all the way to your hairline, the sides of your face,ears, on your neck and your chest and that too in equal amounts.
5-Blush can do wonders. If ever you are in a rush to go somewhere and cannot find the time to follow all the steps in the make up application routine, be sure to brush on a little bit of blush on to the apples of your cheeks. This gives a great natural fresh look to your skin.

Hope you enjoy this steps!!!

Awsome article, the source Ezinarticles.com
From an expert Keith B. Carrey

Keys to becoming Self Confident!

BECOMING SELF CONFIDENT There is no denying that confidence is SEXY and people are attracted to it. But there is good news for those who lack confidence – CONFIDENCE is a skill people learn. It is not part of the gene pool, so no one is born with it. Work on your confidence it will take you HIGH!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Funky with Textures!!!

Funky with Textures on aBudget!!!
Products used in Eyes
$0.99 Sally Girl Baked Eyeshadows!!!
5 colors *Highlighter *Pink *Turkoise *Blue *Purple

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today's Combination!

Smokey Eyes in Hot Pink, Purple and Shimer Pink

My Before and After Pics!

Bernice Owner Blue Butterfly Hair Extension in Miami After
Bernice Before
Clienta de Venus Hair Extension SPA in Orlando, After
Client Before
Client of Venus Hair Extension SPA After
Client Before